Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Polls, Joe the Plumber, and Socialism...

I am not a big fan of polls or pollsters. This is a clear example why – the 2008 Presidential Election. The bias is unbelievable for reasons I as an analytical thinker cannot fathom. The polls clearly show that the majority of those stopping for the pollsters are Democrats at a 2:1 ratio to that of Republicans. These potential voters, and when I say potential it’s because students in general talk the talk but don’t show up to vote. Most of us who are mature adults usually won’t stop for the interview with the pollster because we actually have jobs and families to care for, so we gotta go.

Clearly this is true in the Obama camp as it pertains to not trusting the polls. Obama recently said that they haven’t won, and can still mess this up – enter Joe Biden.
After trouncing “Joe the Plumber” – a person who is a figure of those that want to get ahead, earn as much as possible when they buy a business, and reap the rewards of their labor – Biden and Obama both come out and state that they don’t know any plumber that makes $250,000 a year. And their lemmings take those statements at face value. That wasn’t the question posed to Obama when Joe the Plumber engaged in conversation with Obama. The idea is if Joe the plumber gets to BUY the business why should he be penalized for earning as much as possible. The answer was that Obama didn’t want to punish Joe but to reward those behind Joe and in essence spread the wealth – that my friend is called SOCIALISM – look it up. Wealth re-distribution, class warfare! This is a uniter? He actually was speaking about you and I - the little guy - he clearly points out that he doesn't care, the only thing he cares about is getting elected and implementing an ideology that tens of thousands of our ancestors have died for - he like his buddy Ayers will step on our flag and impl,ement the Hammer and Sickle.

Biden also stated that Obama will be tested in his first six-months of elected. He won’t be tested – Israel will be tested. Iran will either attack or by-proxy another attack against Israel in order to see Obama’s reaction. His reaction will be the same when Russia invaded Georgia – he will ask Israel to show restraint while they get hot with rockets and an inevitable nuclear attack. Obama will go down in history as the U.S. President that destroyed the only Democracy the Middle East has ever seen – the destruction of Israel.

And mark my words – Anything – I MEAN ANYTHING that happens in an Obama administration that causes him to make an important decision that will jeopardize lives, he will, without a doubt – blame the Bush administration. Case in point – today Obama gave a news conference and stood by Biden’s comments – while saying in the last eight years and a failed administration we have made many enemies. He hasn’t even won an election and he is already blaming President Bush – this will go on many times a week during a potential Obama presidency.

The market reacts – has ANYONE noticed that in September as the market was crashing Obama’s numbers were going up in the polls. Are these related? ABSOLUTELY! With a potential Obama presidency and a 100% increase in Capital Gains taxes stocks are being sold off by the thousands – this is a clear cut sign that capitalism is at risk, conservative talk radio is at risk, second amendment rights are at risk – this country is teetering on a potential civil war in one way or another. If Obama loses you bet your bottom dollar that there will be riots countrywide and that the Rodney King riots will look like a party compared to such an incident.
Those partying and having their rings kissed will be Farrakhan, Wright, Ayers, and the likes. An Obama presidency will prove to the world that we as Americans are ignorant and will listen to an orator and base our decisions on empty promises, no experience, and the easiness of being swayed by bullshit.

Acorn, Ayers, Raines, Resko, on, on, on, and on – this man is covered in corruption and these imbeciles are voting for him. Isn’t it funny how the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac investigation hearings will be conducted after the election? Hmmm – I sense a pardon coming for all involved from their Messiah!

God Bless the USA – God Help the USA under a Racist Obama presidency.

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