Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In regards to Secretary Colin Powell’s endorsement of the Messiah:

Let's put this in perspective. This has not improved Colin Powell's legacy - this has tarnished it forever. Call me a racist, but most will call me a realist. Secretary Powell has been disliked in the black community ever since his name became a household name under the Reagan administration, and then amplified under G H.W. Bush and Desert Storm.

This is a man desperate for validation from the black community. Obama who till this day is still against the Iraq war and our continued presence now accepts the endorsement, and will have a job for the man that presented the case to go to war with Iraq to the UN Security Council. How hypocritical is Obama? In every way - justly so is Sec. Powell. Even Sec. Powell's son is against his father’s endorsement, and works with the McCain ticket. I respect Sec. Powell for what he has done for the country - but I sincerely happen to be impertinence to Powell’s pandering manner in which he has joined in on this election that inherently will affect our economy and safety. Economy?

When the polls came out in Sept. on how far ahead Obama was in the race - the market crashed with a sell off - people are selling due to a potential Obama presidency and a 100% hike on Capital Gains taxes - it's the economy stupid and with an Obama presidency we will fall into a hole we will never recover from!

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