Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Review of RadioShack® Graphite-Filled Conductive Wire Glue

Originally submitted at RadioShack

• Perfect for high-temperature operating conditions metals.• And, for heat conductive coating.

Way too Runny

By CraigHB from Port St Lucie, FL on 2/10/2013


1out of 5

Pros: None

Cons: Too Watery, Doesn't Adhere Quickly

Best Uses: None

Describe Yourself: Enthusiast

Was this a gift?: No

I wanted to use this on my autos rear-window defogger tab. It is in a difficult area, so I was hoping that this would be a bit more "Pasty" so I would be able to apply pressure, and then have it adhere quickly. No such luck - its $5.49 in the cr@pper!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Review of Rawlings Adult Workhorse II Batting Gloves

Originally submitted at Baseball Express

Rawlings Adult Workhorse II Batting Gloves

Pro Dri Mesh allows for hand to breathe and power spandex provides a snug fit. Neoprene closure for flexibility and comfort. Pittards leather is highest quality for grip and feel. Heel pad is Rawlings Dura Plus for protection and durability. Precurv...


By HwyFuzz from PSL, FL on 9/12/2012


1out of 5

Sizing: Feels full size too small

Pros: Good Padding, Good Grip, Breathable

Cons: Wears Out Quickly, Shrinks, Poor Fit

Describe Yourself: Competitive Athlete

Was this a gift?: No

I received these on the day of my championship game. We had a double-header. By the end of the first game the right glove fell apart at the wrist,and the left glove broke down in the padded area.

I tried Rawlings other Workforce model, and they were just as bad. Stay clear of Rawlings!


Monday, January 24, 2011

It's Been Awhile!

No politics on this one - just a blog entry of current life.

On December 27, 2010 I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. Three days later I was being cut open and having a substantial amount of my ascending colon removed, and part of my stomach, due to the mass that was discovered. The prognosis at first wasn't encouraging. One doctor, a real asshole had stated he spoke with pathology and said I had a rare and aggressive cancer know as Mucinous Carcinoma. He said this aloud in front of my family, including my mother.

Follow-ups were done, and after going to my oncologist and developing a plan of attack he said my prognosis was very good, I am Stage 2a no metastasizing, and of 17 lymph nodes tested, all were clean. He stated I would die of old age before a result of this cancer. I asked him about what the other doctor said in regards to the Mucinous Carcinoma - hurriedly he opened my folder as to say "Did I miss something?" - he quickly asks, "Who told you such a thing?" - I explained that the GI doctor told me - I was now told that it wasn't the case - my survivability just increased dramatically.

All involved with the case, less the doctor we fired, agreed that chemo treatment would be the best way to go as a preventative measure. I agreed. This past Friday I had a CT/PET scan done, and there are NO signs of ANY cancer cells in my body.

Today, I had a Power-Port installed, and will commence Chemotherapy next Monday - my most wonderful  wife, my angel, will be administering the Chemo in her office where she is an Onc. EMT.

There's much more I would love to write, such as this terrible disease has now put me back together with ALL of my family, made me review my life, but most importantly I never knew how much my wife loved me, as well as my mother and sisters. When I spoke with each one on the phone, after years of not speaking -- I couldn't talk, the emotions were too much, I cried like a baby, uncontrollably.

I'll write more as time goes on, or at least I will try. Until then - all the best!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I haven’t written in my blog for a while, well basically I have been too depressed ever since the election. I wrote some time back that I am sure that the American people were much smarter than the press was having people believe we were. I was wrong. We are at least a voting populace of 53% that are complete idiots.

This is a president that was sold to the American people on bumper stickers, shirts, silly slogans, and You Tube gimmicks. Apparently we are as shallow as people have believed for decades.
What have we seen so far as to the new president, and his vow of “CHANGE”?
Well, considering that his cabinet is made up of Clinton cronies, and quite a few lobbyists, I don’t see any real change whatsoever. We have a Treasury Secretary that didn’t pay taxes, and then did when he was being vetted for the post, without penalties – you try that and see what happens.

We have a CIA director with no intelligence background – we would have been better with Austin Powers than this jerk.

Let’s face it Obama is out of his element – you can see it on his face, He hides behind his words, because his actions are ridiculous. He recently apologized for his inept vetting process for cabinet members – and the liberal media, instead of slamming his rookie mistake threw it back to “How wonderful it is when a president admits his mistakes” – wow a jab at President Bush yet again. I don’t want my president to come out and admit his mistakes, just correct it – the admission by Obama without any track record shows weakness on his part, and weakness of our country.
Obama’s “STUMLATIVE” package is another clear cut avenue for the president to implement a socialist state. His arrogance in selling this package is transparent. What this schmuck doesn’t realize is that when he talks about the package and how it relates to the republicans he is in essence getting into the face of every citizen who is a Republican and saying “I WON DEAL WITH IT”. He represents the arrogance of a party – it is not confidence, it is pure arrogance. Read the blogs, you’ll see what I mean. Liberals bashing every Conservative without the use of analytical verbiage, but instead they resort to using expletives, and that we’re all Neo-Cons – which I find a preposterous label – but the Liberals do this in order to relate us to the term “NEO-NAZI” – when in fact the Liberals are the fascists.

This is a president that leads a party that sided with Hamas over Israel in every which way they could. Even the Jews of Hollywood are so enamored by this silly Alfred E. Neumann character that they fail to realize they are committing suicide as they support this man. Case in point – Obama’s inaugural address had parts aimed to the Muslim world, we are your friends – anyone in the Muslim world that is decent already understands that! His failure and that the Liberal party are not educated enough to see that it is NOT the Muslim world we’re at battle with, it is the Radical Islamic Fundamentalists we are at war with, and there is no negotiating or kind words that will reverse their mind track. These are few educated people leading very illiterate people to believe that if you are not a believer of Islam, then you are an infidel, and most die! What don’t they get? These are people who are happy living in the side of a mountain for the remainder of their lives, and who get no other satisfaction than killing Americans, Brits, and the bonus plan any Jew.

Obama gives his first televised interview with an Arabian network, his first calls were to Arab leaders, his first stop overseas will be with more Arabs – do you see where we’re going? He is closing Gitmo – the place that the families of victims of 9/11 murderers just laughed in the faces of these families a week ago on a special visit.

If you close Gitmo – take the stimulus money, close Alcatraz down to the National Parks, build it back up and put these animals there – in Pelosi’s backyard, so her and her constituents can look over and have a feel good moment every day on their way to the welfare line.
Obama gets on the television and the radio and goes on and on about the dire straits of our economy – every time he does that, the market drops. What doesn’t he get about that? Show some confidence, whether you believe it or not, and then that buoyancy will transcend into the market and stability will start.

Obama has a news conference – 13 questions in one hour – with his answers going on from 4 – 8 minutes. Does this guy love to hear himself talk, or what? The best is he read off his prep sheet on which reporter he was going to call upon – unlike other presidencies that memorized the pictures of the reporters and answered the questions given to them – not the question they gave to the reports. Obama is smart in the fact that he has fooled a significant part of the population that he is “the one”. He isn’t – what he is – is a man of color – not even with an African-American background – but if you asked those who voted for him if he has African-American roots, I bet you that they will say that he does. He was voted in by people who never voted before, did not vote on the content of the person but the package that they offered – and these same people will NEVER vote again. This was a party for them, this was a joke – let’s put in the most unqualified person on the trail because he is a wonderful orator and is black.
If a Republican were to say the stupid things that come out of his mouth, it would be front page news – but not for Obama.

Obama drops the charges on the mastermind behind the USS Cole attack and subsequent murders – the families get a heads up on it, but are officially told the day after Obama drops the charges (for now as he says) in a meeting with some families. What a dick. One mother of a slain sailor stated she voted for Obama, but now she regrets her vote and even her daughter wants him impeached. While my heart goes out to this mother for the brave sacrifice by her son, she is a prime example of who voted for Obama – she is African-American and I assure you she didn’t listen to his rhetoric on how it pertained to the military – she saw the color of his skin.
If anyone has read Dick Morris’ “Fleeced” you will understand the Modus Operandi of Obama – he gets to where he has to go, saying whatever it takes, and squashing the people later on that got him there. I am sure Rahm Emanuel will be one of those victims – and I will be SO SO happy to see that. The list is a lengthily one, but the stand out on that list is “THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” You got duped!

I will always respect the office of the president, but I will NEVER respect Obama. When he does something right, he will be praised from every corner of the Earth, but when he screws the pooch he will blame it on Bush – when I write “he” I mean Obama and all of the press that support him. In every speech he has given, no matter what the subject, he goes back to the “This is what the people voted for in November” deal. No, Mr. President, the people are a nation of 300 Million; almost half of us don’t want you and your ideas. Obama is still on the campaign trail – someone has to tell him to stop and remind him that it’s over and he can stop campaigning – but he knows no better – he has been campaigning for 14-years – and still doesn’t have a record.
Please – don’t even get me started on Biden!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Say Goodbye To Your Jobs!

Claiming some "inside" information - the market started to tank in September due to a spike in poll surveys looking towards an Obama presidency. The losses you have seen have been a result of an expected - counted in-loss. Not my words - words of a source. The market bowed down to prepare for an Obama presidency - imagine what will happen under an Obama presidency? Let's take a gander:

I anticipate upon an Obama choice, those who have supported him so exceedingly will start to see layoffs within their place of employment - ESPECIALY if they are employed by small business. This will happen between tomorrow and late May. The unemployment rate will skyrocket; taxes will be hiked in every aspect. Obama may say he will cut the federal income tax, but he will raise taxes on corporations which will result an unprecedented inflation throughout our economy. Claims for welfare will triple during Obama’s first three years - those that think Obama will bail them out will be unhappily surprised when the promises Obama made, never come to fruition.

Come 2012, these voters who stood in line for hours will not been seen standing near a voting machine for years to come.

Israel will start to fabricate more nuclear weaponry in order to supplement the defense losses under an Obama presidency - if Israel holds on until 2013 - the recovery after that will be mammoth. Jews across the USA will NEVER vote Democrat again - turning a page whereas Jewish people traditionally voted Democrat.

Come November 5th, 2008 - there WILL be rioting - whether or not Obama wins or loses - the opportunists who thrive on these events will be burning cars and smashing windows. Ohio is already alerting their police departments, and I am sure Detroit is on high alert. As of 12 Noon November 4th Philadelphia has already had an incident with Black Panthers standing in front of a polling location with a nightstick spouting "the end of white supremacy". Wearing Black Panther garb (Black beret, leather jacket, sunglasses) it was just shown on television. Congrats Democrats on your choice and his followers. Racial wars? You ain't seen nothing yet!

What still amazes me is the lack of knowledge across the board of demographics - that these Obama supporters still know NOTHING about this man. I am a proud Republican, and I am sure I know more about Obama than most Democrats do - why? Because I read books, I listen to both sides of the deliberation, and then, using my methodical thought process as well as logic, I dissect all the information - and then I come across with my standpoint on each individual issue brought on by the candidates. I look into their background and resolution making practice. Obama has NEVER once crossed the aisle to work together with "the other" side, yet he purports that it is time to do away with adherent politics - HE IS THE MOST PARTISAN in D.C.!

This man has said everything, changed his words around, stumbled across his words when he tries to change gears when no teleprompter exists, and STILL his followers cannot and/or will not see the genuineness of this “man” - which demonstrates him as a con-man!

I don't believe in God - but if there is a God - he better help this great nation - and quick!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Hunt for Red Obama

I sit here looking at polls and reading online opines - what I just can't accept as true is how many people essentially have bought into this Obama crap. I feel as though I’m part of a marginal of people in the United States that feels "Am I the only educated person around here?”

A line from the movie "The Hunt for Red October" comes to mind when I think of these Obama supporters "You arrogant ass you've killed us all" - translated to the Obama following to read "You arrogant asses you've destroyed the fragile fabric of our great nation.”

No doubt that Wednesday will come, and the sun will rise - but this country will be a dissimilar place than the day before with an Obama selection. Ethnic tensions will be at an all out high for many, many years to come. The African-American population will cascade with merriment up until July 2009 - when around this time they will have learned about Obama's guiding principle skills and his idiom will no doubt change.

The minorities shall believe Obama is the best thing next to sliced-bread - up until they become conscious that they were no better at that point than eight months prior.

Every erroneous turn Obama makes, he will lay culpability upon President Bush - even three years into an Obama government he will blame Bush even if he (Obama) sneezes in the wrong direction.

I will have to acknowledge Obama as President of the United States - nonetheless one thing I learned in the military - you must give reverence to the rank, but you don't have to revere the person wearing it. I have NO respect for Barack Obama - I do have respect for the Office of the President of the United States of America.
Jerimiah Wright was wrong - we're not the US of KKK, we are now destined to be the USSA (United Soviet States of America).
Congratulations USA - you have been OBAM-BOOZLED!