Monday, January 24, 2011

It's Been Awhile!

No politics on this one - just a blog entry of current life.

On December 27, 2010 I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. Three days later I was being cut open and having a substantial amount of my ascending colon removed, and part of my stomach, due to the mass that was discovered. The prognosis at first wasn't encouraging. One doctor, a real asshole had stated he spoke with pathology and said I had a rare and aggressive cancer know as Mucinous Carcinoma. He said this aloud in front of my family, including my mother.

Follow-ups were done, and after going to my oncologist and developing a plan of attack he said my prognosis was very good, I am Stage 2a no metastasizing, and of 17 lymph nodes tested, all were clean. He stated I would die of old age before a result of this cancer. I asked him about what the other doctor said in regards to the Mucinous Carcinoma - hurriedly he opened my folder as to say "Did I miss something?" - he quickly asks, "Who told you such a thing?" - I explained that the GI doctor told me - I was now told that it wasn't the case - my survivability just increased dramatically.

All involved with the case, less the doctor we fired, agreed that chemo treatment would be the best way to go as a preventative measure. I agreed. This past Friday I had a CT/PET scan done, and there are NO signs of ANY cancer cells in my body.

Today, I had a Power-Port installed, and will commence Chemotherapy next Monday - my most wonderful  wife, my angel, will be administering the Chemo in her office where she is an Onc. EMT.

There's much more I would love to write, such as this terrible disease has now put me back together with ALL of my family, made me review my life, but most importantly I never knew how much my wife loved me, as well as my mother and sisters. When I spoke with each one on the phone, after years of not speaking -- I couldn't talk, the emotions were too much, I cried like a baby, uncontrollably.

I'll write more as time goes on, or at least I will try. Until then - all the best!