Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Say Goodbye To Your Jobs!

Claiming some "inside" information - the market started to tank in September due to a spike in poll surveys looking towards an Obama presidency. The losses you have seen have been a result of an expected - counted in-loss. Not my words - words of a source. The market bowed down to prepare for an Obama presidency - imagine what will happen under an Obama presidency? Let's take a gander:

I anticipate upon an Obama choice, those who have supported him so exceedingly will start to see layoffs within their place of employment - ESPECIALY if they are employed by small business. This will happen between tomorrow and late May. The unemployment rate will skyrocket; taxes will be hiked in every aspect. Obama may say he will cut the federal income tax, but he will raise taxes on corporations which will result an unprecedented inflation throughout our economy. Claims for welfare will triple during Obama’s first three years - those that think Obama will bail them out will be unhappily surprised when the promises Obama made, never come to fruition.

Come 2012, these voters who stood in line for hours will not been seen standing near a voting machine for years to come.

Israel will start to fabricate more nuclear weaponry in order to supplement the defense losses under an Obama presidency - if Israel holds on until 2013 - the recovery after that will be mammoth. Jews across the USA will NEVER vote Democrat again - turning a page whereas Jewish people traditionally voted Democrat.

Come November 5th, 2008 - there WILL be rioting - whether or not Obama wins or loses - the opportunists who thrive on these events will be burning cars and smashing windows. Ohio is already alerting their police departments, and I am sure Detroit is on high alert. As of 12 Noon November 4th Philadelphia has already had an incident with Black Panthers standing in front of a polling location with a nightstick spouting "the end of white supremacy". Wearing Black Panther garb (Black beret, leather jacket, sunglasses) it was just shown on television. Congrats Democrats on your choice and his followers. Racial wars? You ain't seen nothing yet!

What still amazes me is the lack of knowledge across the board of demographics - that these Obama supporters still know NOTHING about this man. I am a proud Republican, and I am sure I know more about Obama than most Democrats do - why? Because I read books, I listen to both sides of the deliberation, and then, using my methodical thought process as well as logic, I dissect all the information - and then I come across with my standpoint on each individual issue brought on by the candidates. I look into their background and resolution making practice. Obama has NEVER once crossed the aisle to work together with "the other" side, yet he purports that it is time to do away with adherent politics - HE IS THE MOST PARTISAN in D.C.!

This man has said everything, changed his words around, stumbled across his words when he tries to change gears when no teleprompter exists, and STILL his followers cannot and/or will not see the genuineness of this “man” - which demonstrates him as a con-man!

I don't believe in God - but if there is a God - he better help this great nation - and quick!

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