Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain WINS First Debate; Obama Displays Inexperience!

I have read the online jibber-jabber in regards to who won the debate. “Obama Clearly wins the debate” states one blog, another state “McCain wins” – the funniest one is reading a forum of people who watch the show “Big Brother” who all suggested that Obama won and McCain said nothing. I can write an entire blog on those imbeciles, but I digress!

I would say 50% of the way through the debate I found it to be a tie. I was looking forward to more foreign policy debate, since this was the topic, but with the distress in the economy you couldn’t blame a debate on the market issues. However, I do hope that the debate commission will allow some more time on foreign strategy during the domestic economy debate that is upcoming.

McCain about sealed the deal in the debate when the discussion of Pakistan was brought up. McCain spoke about Obama’s generalized plan to strike at Pakistan, an ally of the United States. McCain basically stated that you can think that (in regards to attacks on the Pakistani side to hunt for Taliban’s, Bin Laden as well as Al-Queada – BUT YOU DON’T SAY THAT OUTLOUD!
McCain pressed his experience on the debate, something that the Big Brother crowd obviously didn’t get since it was above their second grade knowledge of domestic politics and how it relates to foreign policy.

McCain stressed his relationship with the leaders of countries in Western and Eastern Europe. McCain exposed Obama for what he is – an inexperienced, and arrogant person. Obama states that he didn’t vote for the war – okay let’s get this straight – Obama was a State Senator in 2003 when the war was initiated. When has a State Senator been asked to vote on anything federally? If that’s the case – I didn’t vote for the war either – I guess it’s because there was no referendum for civilians, otherwise I would have been all for it. Obama was exposed using his Kissinger argument that that we should sit down with Iran without terms, a country that is fighting a proxy war against us in Iraq. McCain corrected him and informed Sen. Obama that Henry Kissinger is a friend of his (McCain), and that Kissinger NEVER stated that an unconditional presidential discussion should take place, Obama also showed his ignorance by stating that the president of Iran is really not the leader of the government. Okay, so the Grand Supreme Leader is the leader (the Grand Pooba for you Flintstones fans). The Supreme leader of Iran is the voice of the president of Iran – whatever is spouted out by this clown in Iran; it comes from the grand pooba.

McCain hit the nail on the head by indicating that Obama is naive – Obama believes the world operates in a manner that is doesn’t. Obama believes that this country seriously wants socialist and not a free-living way of life. He is mistaken.

The press that comes out in support of Obama wants us to believe that Obama won this debate – but the press (who would be the first shut down in a socialist government) has its darling in Obama – CNN, MSNBC, and the likes cannot have their polls taken seriously. If their polls indicate that Obama is ahead in anything, it’s propaganda. The more that they get people to believe that Obama is in the lead; the more they hope Republicans like us don’t go to vote for a “lost cause” on November 4th.

Take a good look at the transcripts of the debate – and when you read the portions of McCain’s vernacular – think of the arrogant faces Obama was making during these comments by McCain – a face of arrogance because what he heard from McCain was the truth and the truth hurts!

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