Thursday, September 25, 2008


In a week that has displayed plenty of assholes, Congressman Adam Smith of Washington State just made an outrageous allegation against Senator John McCain in regards to the good senator suspending his campaign. Smith has come out and called Sen. McCain a LIAR. He stated that Senator McCain did not suspend his campaign because commercials are still continuing and Sarah Palin is out campaigning.

It was brought up to the good, imbecile of a congressman that these ads are crated and aired by independent organizations, and that Gov. Palin was visiting Ground Zero in NY.

Sen. McCain made it a point to go to Washington D.C. and work - that's a four-lettered word for the Obama campaign. There has been progress - Obama was obligated to FOLLOW Sen. McCain to Washington D.C. thus pissing off the Obama campaign. McCain WENT TO HIS OFFICE - has Obama seen his office in D.C>?

Smith goes on to say that Sen. Obama doesn't have to be in Washington to do his job - that's kind of like Congressman Wexler (D-FL) who doesn't live in Florida, but in Maryland (his Florida address is that of his mother-in law). So obviously congressmen like these have a variable definition as to where you work - or for who you work for.

Smith is another prime example why congress has a record breaking 17% approval rate - lower than President Bush's 23%.

I look forward to the FBI investigation which should reveal Obama associates, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and the likes.

When Senator McCain works for bi-partisanship - the entire Democratic party still work as obstructionists, even when it jeopardizes the economy of the country - now who are the greedy bastards? The DEMOCRATS!

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