Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Early Voting

Okay - for the first time in my life I went to early voting - and actually just returned. My observations were astounding.

I brought my 14-year old son with me to stand in line for around an hour in order to get the vote in and hopefully lower my blood pressure a tad. I felt it was important to bring him in order to show him the process and understand that it is just not a right but a privilege to vote - a privilege that an enormous amount of men and women shed their blood on battlefields through the last two centuries in an effort to afford such a privilege. Whether or not you agree with one candidate or another, you should vote.

But what I saw wasn't whether or not people in this line stood there because they cared about the context of the candidates ideologies - it became vividly clear and validated my speculation -they were there to vote based on color. Now there were white teens there voting along the Obama ticket as well - how did I know - well they were dressed like an Obama Christmas tree.

How did I know it wasn’t about context? The young man in front of me was talking to another gentleman who was about 30 years old, and was telling him that he works at Wal-Greens and that his hours were being cut back because of the last eight years - mind you this young man was about 20 years old. He stated that if Obama wins he is:

1) Going to make a lot more money;
2) Be able to "get" a house;
3) Take November 5th off from work to party - read that last one again - he is already planning on not working but making more money and getting a house because of an Obama presidency.

I live in Port St. Lucie, Florida - a nice middle-class area. It is the fastest growing city in the United States - so we have a diverse populace. I was surrounded by people talking in all different dialect - they were there to vote for a U.S. president, but no one was speaking English.

I turned to my son and told him aloud how wonderful it is to be a college graduate (which I am), and be so much smarter than those drinking the Kool-Aid of the Democrat base.

Ladies and Gentlemen - Welcome to the Obama States of America! If Governor Palin gets Alaska to ever secede from the United States - well send the wood for my cabin to Mt. McKinley because that's where I'm going.

Okay - now I need 5mg of Lipitor!

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