Friday, September 12, 2008

Hugo Chavez - The PUNK!

Chavez and His Butt-Buddy - Sean Penn

As a police officer I had an incident that when I thought of Hugo Chavez, this episode came to mind.

I was walking a foot post in Crown Heights, Brooklyn - in particular on the corner of Franklin Ave and President St. Two relatively large black males were exchanging punches; it was reminiscent of Ali/Foreman. These two men stood toe to toe and bones started shattering, the reverberation of breaking bones has a divergent resonance.

In circumstances like this we usually have a saying - "the winner goes to jail, the loser goes to the hospital". One thing I learned as a rookie is to never get in between two people fighting - unless you are considerably bigger than them, or if you have enough backup to lend a hand.

Well after the mêlée I wound up arresting the superior of the two, the winner of the fight. His name escapes me, but that's neither here nor there. This was a street clash, on any other juncture I probably would have given both of them a kick in the ass and sent on their way. The arrestee flailed his arms at me so I had no alternative but to collar him.

When we arrived at the 71st Precinct I brought my collar to the desk sergeant and then was directed to bring him to the holding cell - I opted to take him into a open vicinity within the precinct (muster room) away from the cage. The rationale - on the drive in I learned something about this collar - he was a man - he may have had a violent past, but I respected the reasoning on why he fought his opponent. While in prison he had a cousin in lockup with him - naturally he looked out for his cousin. Well, when he was released this other perp, the one he was fighting, used my collars cousin as a "punk" - a punk in prison is a bitch, you want your salad tossed, get the punk - he is a individual used, abused, and sexually humiliated. My collar got wind of this when the other guy was released and duly sought street justice. He got it, he beat the living crap out of this guy - some days later I was in a brawl with a drug dealer in front of 1010 President Street - I couldn't get to my radio, but miraculously units appeared on a nameless 911 call - days after that, I passed my collar on the street and he stated that he was glad I got backup - my anonymous caller was my old collar.

I digress - Chavez is a punk to the socialists of the human race - most conspicuously Russia. Russia is using Chavez and the Venezuelan people as their punks, Castro used Chavez as his personal punk, now Putin continues that - and don’t tell me that Putin no longer runs the country - that's bunk! The funny thing is Chavez doesn't even know that he is a punk or being punked – then again, maybe he does, and maybe he enjoys the baloney pony ride.

I do believe that all diplomatic relations need to cease with Chavez until the Venezuelan people wake up. As you may notice, CITGO runs commercials in order to explain to the American people that CITGO is our friend - pretty sad state of affairs.

Though Chavez states that he doesn't care who is elected in November, I believe he does - I deem he wants Obama to win - this way the punk may wind up having a punk of his own!

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