Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hollywood Morons Losing Fan Base i.e. Matt Damon

I have always looked at the judgment by movie stars as it related to politics with a grain of salt. My thoughts are that these are qualified actors without an iota of a thought from their cranium - only if it is a screen play.

Alec Baldwin, Madonna, Jeanne Garafalo, even those on the right as well. But the most current is Matt Damon. I have always enjoyed Damon’s movies, his depiction as fictitious characters that don't exist in reality are fun. His friendship with the incomparable Ben Affleck, the worst actor of our time, is even more hysterical.

Now comes Matt Damon’s reaction to Gov. Sarah Palin - instead of quoting what he has said - you can watch the interview right here, and decide for yourself whether or not Damon has made himself appear as a moron, disrespectful to Wasilla, AK, and to the State of Alaska in general:

This is a pretty sad statement about an actor such as Damon. His failure to concede to the fact that we know even less about Obama is amazing. That Palin has executive experience, something Obama has only read about. If you notice his temperament during the interview he made an emphasis on Governor Palin being a mayor of "a really...really small town".

Once again the snobbery of Obama's support system has reared its ugly head once again. How come Damon didn’t reveal that the only thing we know about Obama is that he has been a US Senator for a little over two-years, before that a state senator (of which he voted Not Present on legislation more times than you could imagine, opposed to voting no - not present is counted as a no vote). But during these times he was campaigning for president - Obama has not done a single noteworthy thing as either a state or US senator. Oh, he was a community organizer. Just what I want running my country - we'll all be living in government housing projects before you know it, and eating cheese from brown boxes.

I know, why I am making such a fuss about someone so insignificant like Matt Damon? I do this just to prove more and more how out of touch people are when they sit higher and higher on a mountain, a mountain of their own crap that the paying public gave to them. But yet they will portray one of us in a movie – too funny.

CBS has shown that the only political analysts they can get for a "serious" opinion, is that of Matt Damon - where I come from we would call Damon a schmuck for saying what he did. Actors have traditionally been socialists due to their out of touch with ideology. There have been exceptions to the rule - Ronald Reagan being the most noteworthy. However, it was Reagan, a former Democrat, saw the ways of the jackass party, switched parties and became one of the greatest presidents of the 20th century as a Republican.

Listen, Damon, Baldwin, Garafalo, Letterman - all of these idiots must remember that the cheers they hear when they speak ignorance is nothing to the clicking they should hear of us little people changing the channel and turning them off. As for me - Damon can kiss my ass - because I will not had out another dollar to see anything that he does knowing that my dollar will be somehow, indirectly donated to a socialist cause. I am merely just a little old disabled retired police officer, I worked in NYC, but now live in a small town in Florida, I own guns, and have a U.S. flag flying in my front lawn.

I guess these people all relate to Obama, maybe it’s because he reads scripts so well that he could be is an actor.

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