Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Deconstruction of Will Ferrell


I really can care less what a movie/television celebrity does with his or her wealth and what they really think of the people that have made them so rich. Whether they agree or disagree with the politics of the people that they so closely try to resemble within their craft. In the case of comedian Will Ferrell whose comic talent has always tried to reflect the ordinary person, or the interests of the common person.

This past week Will Ferrell was one of the headliners at Barrack Hussein Obama’s Hollywood charity performance – these people paid over 28K for a seat to this gala happening on order to shore up for president the person who so closely is looking out for the common Joe – Puhlease!

On a divergent note and to my surprise not attending this affair was Denzel Washington. Denzel it turns out is a Republican – this is an actor that chose to separate himself from the stereotypic African-American and has a conscience. By which I mean of the aforementioned is that African-Americans in this country have been suckered into the idea that the democrats are looking out for them. Even black politicians have suckered their own constituents into this theory – those who didn’t agree with the African-American politicians, and are of the same ancestry are considered “Uncle Toms”.

Obviously Mr. Washington is his own man and well-versed. I can see Oprah STEAMING about Denzel. This is opposed to the likes of Will Ferrell who have either fallen for the crap placed on the table by the liberals, or he just wants to follow along with the Hollywood elitists, forgetting that the people who actually pay money for his movies are middle-class, and tax-paying Republican/Conservatives. Mr. Washington along with actor/comedian Adam Sandler, who has separated himself from the liberal thinking Jewish community, ought to be applauded for their standpoint, but I would be a bit more interested to hear these actors come out against the elitists of Hollywood and say – “Hey, we don’t agree with these other thespians, and understand that you can’t support the troops without supporting the war”.

While we are once again on the topic of the socialist Obama – has anyone figured out what Obama has been talking about in regards to paycheck taxation? Let me enlighten you. During the past week the market has been rocked, rocked due to the irresponsibility of the American bankers – trust me I understand these type of people, my brother is a major investment banker with a rather large company – I will not subject his name here because then everyone will look at this blog and go – “that’s his brother?” – Yes I became a cop, and he an investment banker – guess who was the pride of this nice Jewish family? I know the way my brother thinks, I understand what the goal of the average investment banker is, and it’s not charity.

Okay, in 2002 President Bush insisted on a regulatory law to stop what transpired this past week – in 2005 Bush again insisted to push through regulations – of course the Democrats wanted a stack of provisions placed on these regulations in order to front Fannie and Freddie Mac monies so the minority community could secure homeowner loans. The chairman of the Macs is none other than Obama’s economic adviser Franklin Raines – hmmm what a coincidence. What is more interesting is that on Friday September 19th, 2008 Obama met with his team of economic advisors to go over the situation happening on Wall Street – the team is the Clinton Economic team – the same advisors that got us into this situation.

As we know it takes about seven years for the economic mistakes of the previous administration to come into play – welcome to Clintonomics. Persons taking loans with the inability to repay them, without the ability to EVER repay them – the rules were so lax that the minority VOTE could buy a home – listening to a radio show yesterday a caller who had foreclosed on is home stated that “if they were stupid enough to give me that loan, then that’s their problem” – is that not the Liberal way? The failure to take responsibility and blame others for their own incompetence.

If Obama is elected, he has stated that he will return to Clintonomics – The middle-class worker will pay 39% in pay roll taxes. When Clinton came into office I was making at the time around 64K with overtime – the look on my face was priceless when I saw that first check under the 39% tax – I worked my ass off for that money, risking my life, locking up the scum that my 39% was going to – leaving less food on the table for my family. Wake up – people who support an Obama administration are no friends of the working men and women of this country – if you think they are, you are uninformed and need to sit back and ask yourself if you could live on 20% less a year. For most of us, the answer will be NO! Then take a ride by your local social services offices, meth clinics, and the likes. This is where your additional 20% will go. If you don’t care do me a favor – take your 20% and stand outside these “institutions” and hand these people the money – secondly, don’t worry about giving it to them, walk around there around midnight, they’ll just take it from you.

Let’s petition Will Ferrell, Streisand, Matt Damon, and all the losers that paid 28K for a plate for a night with “Babs”, and request that they give that money to those they so champion for – or is it that they just want a picture of themselves with a socialist politician? Crap, Hugo Chavez will do that for free – just asks the loser of the century, Cindy Sheehan!

And on a FINAL and separate note of the day – if Fred Wilpon doesn’t fire Omar Minaya in the next month, may a swarm of locusts nest firmly on the frontal portion of his underwear, while he is in them!

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