Sunday, September 7, 2008



As I watch this election unfurl, I am glued to not only the professional media but to bloggers as well (go figure). While I give reverence to the views that people may have, I also cannot avoid the fact of the lack of knowledge that is found on such an immeasurable base. Starting at the top, Obama has repeatedly come off with an air of superciliousness that trickles down to his campaign manager, election HQ chapters, and even his supporters. As a police officer I have been subjected to people calling me arrogant, mine was not arrogance it was confidence, intelligence, and the surety of what I felt was the right thing to do, and in every situation I was 100% correct. Obama’s is none of the above. Most recently, Chris Wallace interviewed David Axelrod, Obama's campaign manager, on Sunday September 7. 2008 Wallace asked Axelrod a series of questions pertaining to whether or not Obama has ever made an executive decision in his life, as well as a few other questions. Not on any of the questions did Axelrod give an answer. Wallace gave Axelrod a few more chances to answer the questions - Axelrod skirted the questions once again, each and every time. As Axelrod spoke I couldn't help but notice his resemblance to Hitler, and the arrogant way he would point his finger at the screen while telling Wallace to allow him to finish - to finish the redirection of the question. A good comparison was found here: As I started writing this, I did Google such a comparison and found the aforementioned blog. I thought that was quite funny. Obama supporters are out there not talking of the policies set between the candidates, but are filling American voter heads with falsehoods. I for one understand that the majority of Americans are cleverer than they are given credit. For a period, the Democratic machine has taken the American for a fool and a moron that can be led through the trough of politics like a sheepherder with his flock. Obama fills a stadium, has Greek pillars placed, and gives a teleprompter speech to the masses, his masses. Still and I repeat still, he had fewer viewers than the RNC had on nationwide television. Still and I repeat still, Obama spent millions of dollars to convince Colorado voters that he is the man, and still McCain will carry Colorado. The more that Obama, Biden, Axelrod, and the remainder of their anarchist lemmings continue to talk, preach, and slam the Republicans, the more they will lose voters. Their ridiculous effort to compare McCain to Bush is relentless - they really think we're fools. Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews have helped lead this crusade – why don’t you guys just get off Obama’s jock! I consider myself a highly educated person. I have traveled the world as a member of the greatest military ever conceived by man. I retired from the greatest police department in the world, the New York City Police Department. I have two degrees from one of the greatest university systems in the United States, State University of New York, and will be attending Northwestern Law School - all this and I am still only 44 years old. I have an intellect based on formal education and street smarts. I know a bull-shitter when I see one - and from what we have seen and heard after two years on the campaign, Obama is perhaps the biggest bullshit artist I have ever come across. Let's call a spade a spade - if Condi Rice ran for president I would be out there stomping the gravel for her. Obama is running on white guilt - he has NO qualifications for president, or for a US senator. He comes from the most corrupt political system this country has ever seen - the Chicago Democrats.

The anarchists at the RNC exterior are a prime example of the Obama followings. I guarantee you that in years to come there will be a discovery that this Axelrod fellow had a hand in it. Nevertheless, as everything else, time will tell. The pure arrogance that the Obama campaign continues to display - the arrogance of thinking they won this before it started is disgusting. Sen. Biden is a schmuck to believe that he was a better choice than Hillary Clinton is a laugh. He himself stated that he would never run for VP, and that Obama doesn’t have the experience to be president. This is a hypocritical, contradicting, and arrogant campaign. Shame on anyone who calls himself or herself an American, a capitalist, a Patriot would never in a million years vote for a socialist party such as the Obama ticket.

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