Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Well – 2008 Will Be Another DOOZY Of A Season!

Omar Minaya, the Mets General Mis-Manager stated today that Willie Randolph would be retained through the 2008 season.

Marty Noble, the NY Mets beat writer for MLB.com reported:

"It was my decision to make," Minaya said at Shea Stadium on Tuesday afternoon. "Willie is a competitor and most of the time he competes, he wins."

Okay let's break this down.

Minaya is taking the responsibility for keeping Randolph– big whoops. WOW OMAR that means an awful lot to us fans. Worst-case scenario is that subsequently the Wilpon's fire Minaya – Minaya squirms his way into another GM position with another sucker-filled organization. I'll take Brian Cashman anytime!

When Minaya states that "Willie is a competitor, and MOST of the time he competes, he wins" – What? All other times it happens to be League Division and Championship series – the ones that he loses.

It seems that Rickey Henderson is going to be made a scapegoat. Noble reports that Henderson may have been a bad influence on Jose Reyes. Give me a break. Two days out of the season and the passing of the buck has started.

The rhetoric is the same – the Mets are full of empty excuses with no course of action. Jeff and Fred Wilpon had the opportunity to wait until the end of the season to explore possibly situations and allow Minaya and Randolph to sweat it out. Unfortunately they are allowing Minaya to announce that the decisions made are his and his alone. Way to go Wilpon's, staying away from the old M. Donald Grant syndrome eh?

The Wilpon's will not allow themselves to spoil their own legacy by stating that these are their decisions. It works both ways – the Wilpon's must come forward and announce that this was their desire to keep MINAYA – the hell with Randolph. There has to be accountability within ownership.

As far as Randolph, he is typical Yankee scum – Noble reports that Randolph stated, "I'm here to win", Randolph said repeatedly. "I'm not worried about my job security." Maybe that is why he has no emotion on the field, it's the damn contract he has – why should he worry? Even if he is fired he will still have an enormous income.

When threatened with income loss due to the loss of your job, I do believe at that time, and only at that time will Randolph show some spunk – getting rid of Lo Duca is not going to be the answer.

What a bunch of schmucks!

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