Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Collapse of a Good Team

As I sat here and watched my Mets fall to the Marlins, it wasn't just losing the NL East to the Phillies, a team based on arrogance which reflects its' fans, but to set a record in which the Yankees relinquished the choke title to our '07 Mets.

I will be the first to admit that the Phillies wanted this more than our blue and orange did. As much as I loathe the Phillies, I have to salute their perseverance and fortitude in the last month. I must also and begrudgingly, give props to their fans. The fans brought a playoff atmosphere to Philadelphia, whereas Shea Stadium sounded like a graveyard.

Okay, before I continue I must vent!

Forced to watch this pitiful ballgame on FSN SUN down here in Florida the following is necessary as it pertains to announcer Rich Waltz:

I really do not mind announcers from other markets, as long as the announcing sticks to the game. Waltz' attacks on Mets fans must stop. He states "[...] that people say that there are not many Marlins fans but the ratings are up". Doesn’t he realize that it's because people like my family and me are the ones watching Mets, Cubs, Phillies, etc games? He further stated today that "They (Mets fans) hate us but they move to our area" - this coming from a person from California. What B.S. is that? I as many other fans shut off the sound when Waltz is around - thus not hearing his pathetic announcing and by doing so I do not hear the sponsors. In addition, FSN may want him to:

1) Learn to define "Irony" and;

2) Stop using "Irony" and "Ironic" in every other sentence.

Maybe he should get a job with the Phillies, then again that is a major market and would have no need for him.

Okay - whew - sorry for the rant.

This is for Fred and Jeff Wilpon As it pertains to Willie Randolph and Omar Minaya.


As for those who say, "How can you blame Willie and Omar?" Easily - When someone mismanages a company after spending millions upon millions and the result is millions upon millions lost; do you fire a cog that only followed the directions of that manager? No - you fire the manager! In this specific case, Omar by spending a substantial amount of Jeff Wilpon's inheritance also alienated an entire fan base. Separating the Latino fans from everyone else was another blunder and miscalculation on Omar’s part.

Omar obviously has made it a point to load his team with Latino players and directed his main marketing to the Latino community. I do not see the balance act with the other nights of culture. Placing emphasis on "Latino Heritage Month, Night, Day, Moment, and Coffee Break" - Omar - you can't do that, only if you intend to keep Goya as the only sponsor.

Willies absence of managing his bullpen and his ridiculous attitude on the field is not a managing way in New York, yeah I know you will say "Joe Torre isn't emotional" - he doesn't have to be, not with a team that needs no management due to its' ability, and it's manner of play.

Joe Girardi needs to take over the helm and tell his management to go fuck themselves and manage a winning team. Let Dusty Baker or Mazzili take over as GM.


Is this a racist statement, no - this is a statement that many want to say but are afraid of being labeled a racist - I hate everyone equally!

As you will note the header was “A Collapse of a Good team” – they weren’t a great team because greatness is not based on skill alone, heart is a main ingredient – the lack thereof prevented this team from being great!

At this point, I'll close with this thought - As a die hard Mets fan, I have always supported the Blue and Orange - but when will the Blue and Orange reciprocate to the fans and have a team that reflects its population and emotion? Because the 2007 Mets had none of the above, Ownership and management did NOT have the pulse of the fans within consideration!

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